In the market for a new Holter system?

by Gabrielle Taylor November 17, 2016

In the market for a new Holter system?

Are you a Holter Technician or a Cardiologist looking for the best technology available for your practice and clients? Then you can’t go past the medilog Darwin2 Holter analysis system from SCHILLER.

The medilog Darwin2 system makes a Technician’s job that much easier with it’s multifunctional, robust design. You won’t need to worry about patient use at home as our holter recorders are waterproof (IPX4) and shockproof, and absolutely failsafe; it will even keep recording when the battery is temporarily removed.

Starting a recording is simple, just  3 clicks and you can start a recording and gain up to 7 days worth of data with just 1 AA battery. Furthermore, our devices carry out an automatic impedance test, insuring you get the best quality recording, and have an integrated voice recorder for patient data entry, as well as a patient diary.

For the Cardiologist, the medilog Darwin2 holter analysis system can be used for more than just your standard ‘rate-based’ arrhythmia detections. It also provides real-time P-Wave detection for atrial fibrillation, ECG Derived Respiration for Apnea Detection, Digital Pacemaker Detection on all 3 channels, and up to 12-lead analysis with the FD12 Plus recorder. Additionally, SpO2 values can also be recorder are stored with ECG data, giving further validation to our Apnea Detection.

To test the reliability and to show the technical efficiency of the Medilog recorder, we did a study where we reviewed several parallel recordings with various competitor Holter recorders.

Listed are the conditions that were implemented for the testing of each device:

  • We used Blue Sensor Electrodes
  • The same skin preparation
  • 1-2 hours recording
  • A minimum of 30 minutes physical activity
  • Same analysis software (where possible medilog Darwin2 was used)
  • No display filtering

As can be seen in the images below, our medilog AR12 Plus far exceeded the competitors ability to record, showing far less noise, a more accurate dynamic range and overall accuracy.

Here are some further features of the Medilog Recorder, but should you wish to read more information please download the brochure here:

  • Graphical User Interface with high contrast OLED display
  • Integrated Voice Recorder and Patient ID Check
  • Automatic Cable Test
  • Shockproof design
  • IPX4
  • Up to 7 days recording time with one single battery
  • Failsafe recording
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Recorder integrated analysis

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Gabrielle Taylor
Gabrielle Taylor


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