Cardiovit CS-200 Touch

CS-200 TouchWhere precision, performance and sophisticated ergonomics converge

Experience the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch and get a view of the future where precision, performance and sophisticated ergonomics converge.

Introducing the next generation of exercise electrocardiography by SCHILLER: the CS-200 Touch with touch screen, 12/16 channels and unique BP monitoring technique for stress tests. Due to its intuitive, easy operation in all modes, CS-200 Touch is ideal for the office and for clinical applications.

With its small footprint and easy-glide wheels, the CS-200 Touch fits even the smallest and most covered spaces and the height-adjustable transport cart will smoothly adapt to each users optimal working position.

Integrated database connectivity to the office computer and clinical information systems allows electronic data retrieval and a paperless environment.


  • Resting ECG, exercise ECG, stress test blood pressure measurement, all in one application
  • 16-lead acquisition and analysis: based on real measurement data, not just calculations
  • Resting rhythm 
  • Various diagnostic analysis programs: Pacemaker measurement software, ETM ECG analysis, ETM Sport, SAECG, AF Toolbox, HyperQ Stress and Resting

CS-200 Touch