EASY Pulse

Easy PulseTechnological innovation at its finest 

Performing manual chest compressions well for an extended period of time is almost impossible. Not only is it physically demanding, but first responders need to perform a number of task simultaneously, such as vital signs monitoring. 

SCHILLER's EASY PULSE is the solution for more effective resuscitation: this portable, stand-alone device delivers chest compressions automatically at a constant rate and depth. 

It is directly attached to a patient's upper body and as a result, can be used in almost any situation, regardless of conditions. One of the greatest benefits is the fact that the EASY PULSE can be used during transport, as it continues to deliver uninterrupted chest compressions.

Additionally, the size and weight of the EASY PULSE is unparalleled, allowing a single person to operate the device with efficiency and success. 


  • World's smallest and lightest electrically driven CPR device, weighing less than 3.5kg
  • Ideal for confined spaces 
  • Multidirectional chest compressions
  • High-quality chest compressions of consistent rate and depth, which is impossible to achieve with manual compressions 
  • Possibility of 30:2 compression - ventilation cycle
  • Thanks to slider and buckle system, a single person can easily attach the device
  • Easy to position - easy to operate
  • Replaceable battery with charge level indicator
  • Autonomous operation for 45 minutes (with one battery)
  • Connections: external DC input, USB

    Easy Pulse