MAGLIFE LightMAGLIFE light is the ideal patient monitor for your routine MRI examinations

SCHILLER, the undisputed world leaders in MRI patient monitoring, has complemented its successful MAGLIFE product line with the MAGLIFE light. 

Compact and easy to use, MAGLIFE light does not require any installation and has been designed for daily use.

MAGLIFE light can handle all your monitoring needs and is compatible with MRI scanners up to 3 Tesla. The sensors are suitable for all types of patients - adults, children and neonates.

With all the functions of a 'big' monitor in a compact device, the MAGLIFE light is the perfect day-to-day product missing from your routine. 


  • Indication of SpO2, pulse, heart rate and non-invasive blood pressure valves (Sys, Dia, MAP)
  • Displays the most recent NIBP values 
  • 24-hour trend