medilog AR4plus

Medilog AR4 plusSophisticated and precise ECG analysis 

The medilog AR4 plus provides the highest signal quality with P-wave detection. Playing an integral role in SCHILLER's medilog range, the AR4 plus provides a comprehensive analysis of the patient as a whole. 

Atrial Fibrillation detection, sleep apnoea screening and the determination of quality of life are just some of the exceptional features of medilog. 

As a long-term ECG recorder the medilog AR4plus is designed for 3-channel ECG recordings and offers a wide range of ECG analysis options. It utilises its built-in online analysis to find P-waves for comprehensive atrial analysis.


  • PureECG technology 
  • P-wave detection and atrial analysis
  • HRV analysis
  • Fire of Life
  • Motion analysis
  • ST/QT/pacemaker analysis
  • QRS detection
  • max. 80 hours recording time
  • Water resistant 

Medilog AR4 plus