BR-102 plus


BR-102The highest degree of patient comfort

The SCHILLER BR-102 plus gives the highest degree of patient comfort while maintaining the most precise measurements. 

A must-have for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, the BR-102 plus is distinguished by its small dimensions and low weight. Incorporating a special technique, the cuff is only inflated as much as needed.

The latest version of our established BR-102 plus device is a result of 30 years experience and close collaboration with renowned experts. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is considered the gold standard for blood pressure measurement by physicians worldwide. 

As for patient comfort, since the cuff will only inflate as much as necessary, patients will hardly hear or feel the BR-102 plus whilst in use. This added comfort leads to extremely accurate results that can be processed and analysed efficiently with the DARWIN 2 ABPM software. 


  • Optimal patient comfort for precise results 
  • Motion-tolerant technology prevents re-inflation and failed readings
  • Dynamic inflation
  • Built-in pump, allowing an almost silent examination
  • Five cuff sizes, from paediatric to XL adult size


Choose between two versions: 
  • Measurements are made using both the auscultatoric and the oscillometric methods, where the oscillometric measurement is used as backup to ensure accurate results for each measurement.
  • Purely oscillometric method - enables reliable blood pressure measurement without microphone.

BR-102 Brochure