Cardiovit FT-1


Cardiovit FT-1Designed for users who value state-of-the-art technology


SCHILLER's latest innovation is ultra-portable, featuring an intuitive 8" high-resolution multi-touch screen and an integrated thermal printer. 

Designed for users who value state-of-the-art technology, the CARDIOVIT FT-1 is a networked device providing connectivity potential and a paperless workflow.

Bidirectional communication allows for easy data access and fast transmission of ECG reports to partnered systems, and WiFi connectivity supports cost saving. 

With the ability to record all 12 channels for us to 4 minutes, the FT-1 reduces the risk of important rhythm data loss. The recordings can be printed, stored, reviewed and transmitted. 


  • Power and flexibility of a PC in a portable ECG
  • Bidirectional Wi-Fi/LAN communication to EMR
  • Various diagnostic analysis programs: ETM, CCAA
  • Lead reversal warnings


Cardiovit FT-1