FRED easyport


FRED easyport FRED easyport is an incredibly small and light pocket defibrillator.

The world's first pocket defibrillator, FRED easyport is the ideal companion for physicians, public service staff, risk patients and their family members, and anyone trained in early defibrillation. With SCHILLER's FRED easyport, a new chapter in the history of early defibrillation is upon us. 

The FRED easyport provides peace of mind due to its ability to dramatically reduce the response time to treat ventricular fibrillation and tachycardia - ultimately giving victims a much better chance of survival.

This incredibly small pocket defibrillator uses an emission called MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE, which has been shown to reduce myocardium damage and increases the chance of survival, especially for Ischemic hearts.


  • Ultra light - only 490 grams (incl. batteries)
  • Ultra small - 133 x 126 x 35mm (l x w x h)
  • High-resolution LCD
  • Configurable adult and paediatric energy settings according to standard values
  • Automatic switch to paediatric energy level when paediatric electrodes are connected

FRED easyport Brochure