Versatile Multifunction Spirometer

The SpiroScout is a comprehensive multipurpose spirometer device based on the unique ultrasonic measurement principle of GANSHORN. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.
As the first of its kind, the SpiroScout can simultaneously measure flow and gas density, providing information about the volume and expired carbon dioxide (capnovolumetry).


  • High-precision spirometry due to direct flow measurement using ultrasonic technology
  • Realtime BTPS correction, drift free, high accuracy (no need for re-calibration)
  • Options available include provocation, MVV, rhinomanometry, oscillatory resistance (ROS/FOT), capnovolumetry, MIPs/MEPs, Rocc.
  • No Calibration Needed and no warm-up time necessary 
  • Maintenance Free
  • Perfectly hygienic concept optimising workflow and patient safety (disposable mouthpieces or permanent mouthpieces available)
  • No perceptible resistance and more comfort for the patients
  • Paediatric inlets available in varying deadspaces making device suitable from birth

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